I’m back… and so is Winter

I spent the last couple weeks mourning the passing of my grandmother. Thanks for waiting for me to come back!

Winter has also made several more appearances since I last wrote anything here as well. And there is more winter on the way…  I mean, I guess I can’t complain too much, since it has been sporadic. One day it is beautiful, the next I am waking up early to shovel off my car and warm it up before driving to work. Mostly I am hold up inside eagerly waiting to plant some things in the dirt outside.

I think we (myself and my friend Cal) are aiming to get some potatoes in the dirt around May 1st. Which is very exciting. I may try and start some a little earlier here in my yard in containers (then I can move them into the shed if it gets horrible outside). Yay for potato planting! I have only been waiting around for this day for a few months.

There will be some big changes to share on this week’s Follow Along Friday… After all, I did miss the last 2 weeks, so there is a lot to show you… Mostly, I re-potted the purple sweet potatoes into larger pots last week, and they are growing like weeds! Hopefully by next week, my new sweet potato slips (from a real orange sweet potato) will be ready to put into some dirt. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I also started some Violas and Bee Balm from seed. Hopefully they are ready by the time its nice enough for them to go outside. I am trying to have some more flowers, to attract some more pollinators… And because I like flowers.

There is also a post in the works about the garden markers that I am making, so I will be posting that in the near future. I just need to pick up a few things to finish them off, and then I can put the finished post up.

Again, Thanks for sticking around! I will not miss this weeks FAF! I pinky swear!


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