Results of my Seed Germination Test

This is a day late, but I was snowed in while visiting my parents at their house… Yep… 8 inches of snow in April… Alberta Weather-what’s not to love?

Beans: I tested 8 of them… 4 showed some signs of germination… but only one was really strong… I will plant that one into some dirt and let it get on with it… Conclusion being that not a ton of my seeds will germinate, but I am going to plant them anyway… Not expecting a huge yield, and I will probably buy some new bean seeds

Beets: Not a lot of these seeds germinated, but the few that did looked pretty strong… I might try them, but I am glad I already have new beet seeds to put more of my faith behind.

Lettuce: Every seed germinated… So I have faith that they will produce enough Lettuce that I wont have to buy new seeds.

Carrots: About half of the seeds i sprinkled on the paper towel germinated… But these seeds, and the beet seeds, were the ones I found in my shed, that went through all the temperature changes that we have to offer here. I will probably still attempt to grow them.

Peas: EVERY pea germinated… 10/10 Even the one that I accidentally squished when I was trying to move them around to find room for my new sweet potato growing area. Definitely impressed and will plant all of them with high hopes.

Want to see how I started this project a week ago? Here is my original post.


I would like to mention that I will not be doing my Follow Along Friday post this week… So next Friday there will be a lot of changes to share.


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