Follow Along Friday (April 5, 2013)

New this week: My kittens were both spayed on Tuesday, and are recovering well! Hali tried to do a little too much too soon, and has been a little slower to recover than Ekki. However, I am excited that I will never have to hear Ekki screaming to attract all the neighbourhood cats to our yard. (seriously-one morning I let the dogs out and there was 5 random neighbourhood cats out there! FIVE!)… In related news: My bank account should recover from the spaying sometime in August.


Sweet Potatoes:

I discovered that the sweet potatoes I bought were white inside… Turns out that they are “Japanese” or “oriental” sweet potatoes. They are apparently not as sweet as the typical sweet potato… And I guess I should probably go and buy another one to taste them and see if we even like eating them… If we don’t end up enjoying their flavour, I will still try and grow them… Their foliage is beautiful an they are growing sooo fast! I have potted one to keep in the house as a house plant, and the others I will try outside as soon as possible (which won’t be that soon in all honesty)

So just in case, I went and bought a whole new (normal) sweet potato to try and grow more slips. I figure if they don’t grow in time I can still trade some of my purple “oriental” sweet potato slips for some of my friend Cal’s regular slips, and we can both experiment with both types.

IMG_3979      IMG_3980

Apple Seedling:

I am officially down to only one seedling. But this one little seedling has 2 sets of true leaves, and it is working on more… It is growing strong! Its a little funny how proud I am of this little seedling.


Seed Potatoes:

Doing very well… Look at all that growth… in just a few more weeks they will be in the ground and can get to growing me some new potatoes!


Assorted Seedlings:

All doing well. I have parsley, sage, lemon balm, spearmint and a bunch of Viola’s all beginning to sprout.


It is finally starting to feel like Spring outside! Robins are singing… We had a woodpecker drumming on the side of our house before he realized it was metal, and then moved to a neighbours tree… The grass is even starting to take on a greenish tinge already… Soon leaf buds will be dotting the bare trees and I can start planting some things in the ground….

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