Follow Along Friday (March 22, 2013)

Big Week! Mother Nature hit us with some crazy weather. One day it was 15 degrees and all the snow was melting like crazy, and the next we get a crazy snowstorm. Mother Nature must be PMS-ing right now or something… Although, its always like that in this part of the world… The general rule of thumb is: If you don’t like the weather in Calgary, wait 5 minutes.

Just a hint at how crazy the weather has been lately: Huge pile up on QEII!

But things have been growing like crazy around here too!

Apple Seeds


The one I put into soil last week is doing great! The first real leaves are here, and it has grown already… The other few seeds, I intended to put them into dirt, but they slipped my mind, so last night, when I was getting things organized for today’s post, I finally got them sorted… I hope they don’t die after a week of neglect, they are a bit more scraggly than the first one that I did on time.

Sweet Potatoes:

IMG_3809 IMG_3806

Everything seems to be going well in sweet potato slip land… Nothing is wilted or shrivelling up yet so that has to be a good sign right? The large slip that I pulled off and put into water – I have decided to leave it in the water for another week and give it a change to grow a little more root… Then I have a larger pot with it’s name on it.

In other news:

I have pretty much all of my seeds purchased… I just need the weather to start cooperating, so I can get everything planted and start growing all the things!


I also bought a mini windowsill greenhouse kit and started some Sage and Parsley in there… Hopefully my transplanting skills work out and I can have some fresh Sage again – I really missed having it in the winter, I seem to use it a little more often than the fresh Basil.


My kittens had their first vaccinations on Tuesday… and It turns out that they are both girls! Also, they are older than we thought, which means that I no longer have to wait to get them spayed… So on April 2nd… No more dealing with LOUD kittens in heat!

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5 thoughts on “Follow Along Friday (March 22, 2013)

  1. You will have to send me the secret to sprouting an apple seed… I have several failed attempts under my belt… : /

    1. This is my first real attempt… I just put the seeds into a wet paper towel and in a plastic bag, and then in the fridge for 6 weeks… All the seeds i did, all sprouted, I am kind of amazed at the success of it. Thanks for reading!!

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