Shade Planting Plans

It is snowing outside again… So I have to keep dreaming of when it will be green again. It is really the only way I can cope with the spring fever.

Today, I am trying to plan something new for the front yard… Which is almost completely shaded.

Right alongside the front of the house, is a mature spruce tree, and some kind of large bush. At the front of the yard (the street side), we have a large Mature Poplar tree. And the Front yard faces almost completely north. Much of the yard is covered in red rocks (We rent so we can’t change this-even though Lawn would probably be easier to maintain).

Last year I planted a few Hostas and a Bleeding Heart, so Hopefully both of those come back. I am hoping to add some more flowers, and make the yard a little more interesting.

Apparently Tuberous Begonias are well suited to shade. As are Violas. I may have to try those.

Does anybody have any Shade Garden tips or tricks? Or Plants to try?


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