Follow Along Friday (March 15, 2013)


Sorry this is a day late… But wow are there ever a ton of changes to share:

Apple Seeds:

I took the seeds out of the fridge, and onto the windowsill- And they went crazy! This morning, I planted one into a small pot that I had in my house, but the other ones will have to wait until I get outside and shovel my way through the snow bank in front of the shed. I have larger planting pots in there for them.

IMG_3732   IMG_3736

Sweet Potatoes:

Last week, I broke off two slips and put them into water – They grew roots overnight! So I left them in the water until today. So this morning, I took two more slips off and let them soak for about 30 minutes. Two more, I snapped off and put directly into the dirt, so I can see which ones do the best.  I decided that the REALLY long vines, are going to soak for a few days, and then I will plant them into dirt later in the week. They have so much foliage, I am assuming that they would like to establish some of the their own roots first. I also left one tiny area on the sweet potato to see how that one takes off. Who knows, maybe the potato will regrow some more slips.

IMG_3728  IMG_3738


Regular Potatoes:

I just had a peek to make sure they weren’t going crazy on top of the fridge, and they are all pretty much the same as the last time I showed you. Just waiting for them to go into the ground!



The Garlic is doing ok… I should probably pay a little more attention to it and put some of them into larger pots. I will probably do that once I get all the Apple Seeds into dirt. Sorry no pictures.

I have ALMOST all the seeds I have decided on. But I can’t find Kale seeds to save my life here! Maybe there is a kale monopoly somewhere? I may end up having to buy already started seedlings of it if I can’t find any seeds. I also need to start hunting for a few blue potatoes… I REALLY want to grow them again. They were fun the last time I did it a few years ago!

My kittens are still jerks, but super cute jerks. They did get out again after my last post, But I will wait to tell you how in another post. They are to hilarious to not write about! But We have a vet appointment in an hour, so I should go and get ready for that.

Thank you for reading all of my rambling gardening and kitten adventures! I will try and get more baking and cooking posts up here too!

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