My kittens are jerks

I have spring fever….

I want the grass to be green again

I want leaves on the trees

I want the lilac bushes beside my house to bloom and fill the air with their refreshing fragrance.

I want to ride my horses

I want to jump in a puddle and not care about having to do extra laundry.


My kittens also seem to have Spring Fever.

They want outside. But we live near a busy road, and near a school, and I don’t want to buy cat licenses. I need them to stay inside.

But they found a way out. And now they are OBSESSED with getting back out.

Seriously, I had to nail some boards back on the wall- that is how determined they are to get back outside. They are being Jerks!!

So I am going to be a jerk back.

In our house, the doors are set up higher off the floor than in a normal house, And since the kittens are still small, they can squeeze under the doors.

I found an old piece of baseboard in the garage, cut it to the size of the door, and screwed it onto the bottom. Then I grabbed an old pair of jeans, cut a leg off and basically made a door draft stopper. I’m not the greatest sewer, and I didn’t really measure anything, or finish the edges nicely.


I made one side larger, and in that side, I stuffed it with my collection of plastic shopping bags.


In the smaller side, I put a cardboard wrapping paper roll. I am thinking of filling it with old rice and beans and other larger dry goods in my pantry that may otherwise end up in the garbage when I clean my pantry out later this year.


If you want to make your own, Here is a small tutorial from Not Martha

I may attempt one following her instructions after I find out if this is going to actually work to deter the kittens from getting into my room/office.


I’ll let you know if this actually works. It should stop them from getting into my room/office, But hopefully they don’t shred it too much with their crazy kitten antics.

Cost of this project: $0

Although, if you wanted to get technical, It did cost some money, but I didn’t go to a store to buy supplies. I already had the sewing machine, and thread, and the jeans, and I used the old shopping bags as stuffing. So It was free for me, and gave new life to old things.


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