Follow Along Friday (March 8, 2013)

Well… Here we are again…

Weather this week =crap

My general outlook towards pretty much everything =crap

The general outlook of this last week = crap…

So next week is going to be better… I won’t have a tire blow out that sets me back $250 (hopefully)… I will write more things, I will clean more things, and I will eat real food, not just pizza and cookies…

However, on the Green-things-growing-in-my-house front… Things have been going much better!



Definite growth… And all the seeds have sprouts sprouting out… but there are 2 of them that are very strong. I need to figure out my plan for them really soon!.

Sweet Potatoes:



I am going to put them into dirt in the next few days. I snapped off two slips, and put them into water. I want to experiment a little more and see which way works better, or if it even matters,


The Garlic is also taking off, but I never snapped a picture of it. But you can trust me on that one… I also, never got around to digging the seed potatoes out of their place in storage to see how their sprouts were doing. So maybe next week, F.A.F. won’t be as boring… BUT check out my sweet potatoes!!! I almost want to keep one around just as a house plant! Look at all that foliage- and so much of it in the last week!

Also… My friend Cal is now doing Follow Along Friday with me!… Check out her progress here

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