Sunday Morning Crazy Brain

Hey everyone,

It is Sunday morning, and I am sitting here drinking my coffee and watching the snow fall outside my window. I am enjoying my day off from work – No shovelling horse manure for me today. This is a poo-free day (although I do need to clean the kitten’s litter box, so scratch that poo-free part). I am trying to think of why I am qualified to share all this random-ness with the internet. I’m not an expert, I don’t even live in the country any more. In reality, I should probably be writing about horses and how to try and navigate the treacherous world of horse people. Except that I am finally at a barn that I am extremely happy at. Where the horses come first, all the time.

But then I remembered why this whole blog idea popped into my head in the first place:

  • I wanted somewhere to share all of this. Random as it may be.
  • I wanted to be a little bit closer (even if it is just over the internet) to the dream of leaving the stupid city. Because I will always be a country girl.
  • I wanted to share my seed joy. Ok- that sounds weird. But I KNOW there are people out there who would be as happy as I am when I see my apple seeds springing to life.
  • I wanted a community (however small it is) to keep me accountable. Sometimes I go extra-Hermit and VERY MUCH like Hyperbole and a Half’s Adventures in Depression, and I want to create something to help keep me away from that place of my brain.
  • I want to learn more, and try more, and do more. and I want to share it with the world.
  • Sometimes I need a place to put all my crazy-brain thoughts like these. Somewhere real and permanent.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading this little project of mine! I hope you continue to come back and share your knowledge with me too, cuz I need all the help I can get!

Here is a picture of me, that the boyfriend took when he stole my camera.



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