Follow Along Friday (March 1, 2013)

What! It’s March already?

So here is what has been up with all my planting experiments this week…


IMG_3571    IMG_3572

The Sweet Potatoes are developing Leaves!!! LOTS AND LOTS of leaves! It is kind of intense how fast the thing is growing right now. Soon, I can break off each of these “slips” and plant them and they will all be individual plants. Nature is amazing. Hopefully we have a warm long summer so they can actually do their thing.


My Apple Seeds are also showing progress… Although much slower. I have at least 2 that are potential trees… a few more that are showing slightly slower  signs of life (whoa, that was quite the alliteration wasn’t it?). I’ll be happy when they are plants and not just germinating seeds in my fridge!


The Garlic that I showed you last week… INTENSE!  Not really sure what I have planned for this, but its green and that is a nice contrast to when I look outside and everything is brown or snowy.

IMG_3575  IMG_3576

And new this week… My potatoes… these probably won’t be continual from week to week, but I was trying to get them organized and off the shelf in the pantry, so I thought I would snap a picture. Ideally, we (myself and my friend Cal) will be planting them out at the Barn we work at, so we can grow a lot more potatoes than if I plant them in my tiny yard in some kind of container… I just need some blue seed  potatoes and my collection will be complete!… And maybe a few more Yukon Golds.

It is almost time to get some seeds started too… So “Follow Along Friday” is getting more and more intense every week!

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