Kale Chips


Kale Chips

Yesterday I showed you the Apple Chips that I made, So I thought I would keep the “chip” theme going and show you Kale Chips. They are AMAZING. And so easy to make.

You take a bunch of Kale, clean it, tear into pieces that are all about the same size. Then you take the bits of Kale, toss them in some olive oil -don’t drench, but you want them to have a thin even layer of oil on the Kale pieces.

Now, you can add in your seasoning, whether it is sea salt, or steak spice. My favourite is the McCormick Lemon and Herb mix that I try to keep stocked in my spice cabinet since I love it so much.

Now, space the Kale pieces evenly on a wire rack on top of a cookie sheet, and bake them at about 250F until they are crispy. Keep checking them. It can take around an hour if you have large pieces. Just don’t let them burn, because they don’t taste good that way. 😉

Now Enjoy!

I can’t say how long these last, or how they taste after they have sat around, because they are gone practically before they are out of the oven!

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