Apple Chips

Apple Chips – Definitely one of my favourite snacks. I bet if they put them next to cash registers in stores, instead of all the chocolate bars, I would eat WAY less chocolate…

But guess what… They are easy to make yourself. Especially if you have a Mandolin (which I do).

Thinly slice your apples, toss them in cinnamon sugar (or whatever you feel like) and then put them on a wire rack on top of a cookie sheet, and then into the oven at a low temperature (or if you have a dehydrator, this option would probably be easier for you). Flip them over when you think they need it, and then when they are crispy enough for your taste, then take them out and NOM away. They are best fresh. As they sit out they tend to slightly rehydrate, and be less nom-worthy. I only know this because I had saved a few for the boyfriend to try when he got home from work, and he wasn’t impressed, so I tried one after it was sitting out, in it was a lot more gummy than crispy. But play around with it! They are delicious and the likelihood of any being left over, is slim-to-none.


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