My 2012 Lily Garden


I love Lillies. I know this little blog of mine, is about becoming more self sufficient, and less about pretty flowers, But hear me out…

I think your garden should be full of things you love. Not just vegtables, unless you hate flowers, then don’t plant them. But Lilies make me happy, so I plant them. My grandma has a huge variety of lillies in her garden, and for as long as I can remember, she has always had Tiger Lillies. I got my first Tiger Lily bulbs from her, and they are flourishing in my garden here. They are some of the earliest flowers that I get, and it is a beautiful thing to see them poking through the dirt so early after the snow is melted.


Near the end of the garden centre year (around the end of June usually) I saw some packages of lily bulbs that were only $1. They were already sprouted and looked like twirly white little lily zombies. But for $1, I couldn’t pass them up. I wanted red lillies for a while, and this was my chance. The picture on the bag was a beautiful deep crimson lily. They are called “Commander In Chief.” This was more of a rescue mission, and I never expected that they would actually survive, let alone flower. But they did indeed, just before the first snow fall too:


Last Summer, I also planted “Royal Sunset”. They barely survived a dog-digging up incident though, so I haven’t seen their flowers yet, just their beautiful foliage. Hopefully they thrived enough last year, and I will have beautiful lilies this year. Here is a link to a photo and a short description of them. And keep your fingers crossed that I can have my own photos of my own royal sunset lilies in 2013.

I also planted Star Gazers last year, and they were beautiful and fragrant, but I must have spaced out and forgot to take any pictures of them.

For 2013, I hope to add another variety or two into the mix


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