Bailer Twine Kitty Litter Mat

cuddling with Hali

If you know me in real-life you probably already know that I have a tiny obsession with bailer twine. I like making things from it. Redneck recycling I guess. I like making use of something that would otherwise just go into the garbage.

When I brought the kittens home last fall, I really wanted to get a kitty-litter mat- so that they wouldn’t spread the litter all over the house. But the mats are pretty expensive, specifically because I don’t make a lot of money, and because I didn’t know if it would actually do what I wanted it to do.

halfway done

Instead, I brought a bunch of bailer twine home from the barn one day and started knitting myself a mat to put in front of the litter box.
It’s smaller than a mat you could buy, and I could’ve picked a better colour of bailer twine instead of the standard orange stuff that I grabbed, but it works… Possibly better than a store-bought one. I feel better having made it myself rather than just buying something that I didn’t really need.

Knitted rows

I like that I could make it whatever size I wanted, I feel like I accomplished something by making it myself, it is effective-my kittens actually wipe their paws on it on their way out of the litter box, and I kept A LOT of bailer twine out if the garbage.  Also, I will try and get a decent picture of the finished mat, at some point in time. Every time I get a chance, the lighting is horrible, or everyone is insisting on trying  to help me. I didn’t want to wait to post this, because a decent picture of this thing may be a pipe dream.

Ekki helping me read

I have many more Bailer Twine projects to share with you, and some other Barn-type up-cycling/recycling ideas swirling around in my head. Just a heads up, if you embark on knitting some bailer twine yourself: It is pretty rough on your hands. It takes a while to get used to working with, especially if you are keeping the work really tight, but it is a fun new medium also.

Also- I would like to thank everyone for the likes, and for following me! It is becoming a little bit addicting checking my stats of this blog, but also inspiring!  Thank you all!  If you are on facebook, you can like my page there, I have been posting some random pictures here and there, and getting more ideas for posts. Just search for The Crafty Cultivator – I will work on getting one of those fancy facebook buttons all up on here soon. If you want to stalk me other places, I love instagram! my name is wlizardbreath there… and again… Thank you so much!


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