Why I’m doing this

The following are some reasons why I started this blog:

  • To chronicle my gardening adventures (both successes and failures)
  • To show some honesty and humility in learning all the things I didn’t know before
  • As a way of connecting with other people around me interested in the same homesteading/self sufficiency/DIY/back to my roots kinds of things that I am interested in too.
  • As a way of recording (with some accountability, since it will be public) all of the things I am trying, and learning.

I want this to be fun, and light, but still educational, or at least relate-able. I didn’t grow up on a farm, or with a big garden in our back yard. And the large vast majority of my farm experience is almost totally with horses. I want to learn more things, and do more things, and I want to record my journey.



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