All the things I know about Chickens

A big HUGE thing in the “homesteading” community is Chickens. What’s not to love?

But I’m going to prove my rookie status and write this post. (don’t laugh at me too much)

As of the launch of my blog, these are all the things I know about chickens, off the top of my head:

  •  They produce a pretty good fertilizer out their butts
  • They give you eggs…
  • …and when they stop doing that you can eat them (if you really wanted/needed too… maybe for Chicken soup)
  • They are not the sharpest tools in the shed
  • … slightly smarter than turkeys though?
  • Roosters don’t approve of sleeping in
  • They can’t fly so good
  • They have feathers
  • … and beaks
  • … and eyes
  • … and feet…
  • …. Ok, I’m really starting to reach here…

Bottom line… I don’t know much about them. Lucky for me, I work with an egg farmer.

Doubly lucky for me, my other co-worker is getting both laying hens and meat birds.

Needless to say I can get some chicken education this summer. So one day, if I ever do get my dream of an actual homestead, I can have chickens and they can serve a purpose.

By the way, I did have a pet chicken once. Her name was Chicken. She just showed up one day. (A few years later, we found out she hitched a ride on a round bale that was delivered for my horses, and then took off)


I didn’t (read: still don’t) really know anything about chickens, or how to take care of them, or what to feed them, so she lived on grain and beet pulp that my horse dropped, and wild bird seed, and whatever else she could root up in the yard. When I would ride my horse, Chicken would follow after us, until we went too fast, then she would wait for us to slow back down to a walk or trot, and she would start following again. At night she probably slept under the deck or in my recently deceased dog’s house…

After a week of her still sticking around, (and no close neighbours missing any birds) we figured we should start learning more about chickens, so that Chicken could feel more at home. But a couple days later, I went out, and she was gone. I tacked my horse up to go out on a trail ride, and found a pile of feathers in the back corner of the pasture. Poor Chicken. She ended up as coyote food.

I’m sorry to end that story on such a sad note, but this is the reason I need to learn about chickens. So I can prevent any future chicken run-aways that may chance upon my life, like my dear Chicken did, from a similar sad and sorry fate.

**PS… The picture is of Chicken**


5 thoughts on “All the things I know about Chickens

  1. cute, I will say though chickens fly a tad better than most people give them credit for. Especially since the extra roosters we -had- would sleep in the tree above the chicken coop. …and they’d use the branch that was at least 30 ft up the tree.

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