Mason Bee House… 2016

I don’t have a big write up about this, but here is a little update. This is the Mason Bee house I made last year. It is just a cedar 6×8 with a piece of scrap cedar deck board for the roof.
I had my doubts that it was actually going to be used, but sure enough, last year a few holes were filled. This year, it is starting to become a full house.

I don’t bring this into a warmer area over winter, it is just screwed to the fence with a few deck screws. I figure that since these are native bees, they should be able to handle our weather here. I am just providing a pre-built home where there was probably one removed to build human homes.

If you have room, and the ability, and the tools… “Build” yourself a Mason bee house. There are all kinds of plans online, but the basics are 5/16″ holes. I don’t remember the optimum depth of the holes, so you’ll have to google. Mine are probably about 4 inches, give or take. I put a few different size holes in mine, to see if they only used the 5/16. The 3/8 holes seem to also be used, but only lower down. The ones under the roof overhang are very vacant…so just use your best judgement.
One last thing before I leave this post… My best friend and I have started an Etsy Shop. So if you have some time, please go and check it out, give us a few likes, and if you see anything you like, order away. Any little bit would be immensely helpful and very much appreciated. We are just getting started, so check back. We will also do custom work, so shoot us a message and we can try and work out something. I will also be updating here if we list anything really exciting… Our Shop name is IcebergEmpire… Here are a couple shop type shots:

Community Garden Plot- Update 4

I had some time today to drop by my plot at the community garden and survey the damage. A couple days ago a nasty hail storm blew through and totalled most of the gardens plots. Luckily it missed my garden at home where all my sensitive things are. 

I went with the intention of just cleaning up the leaf debris and pulling a few weeds, but I ended up harvesting the onions (which were not doing well anyway) and a row of the Purple Caribe potatoes. I actually would have harvested all the potatoes, but I didn’t have more than a small shopping bag.

The potatoes did pretty good, and it is about time to harvest them anyway despite the hail, so not a total loss. I got about 15 lbs from one row, which was 6 plants… So not bad at all. 

Out of the 50 or so sad onion sets I planted out, I only got 10 onions. Not great, but Mother Nature wasn’t helping much early in the year. I didn’t think I would get any onions at the rate they were going, so these 10 are a nice bonus. In the picture above you can see the purple caribe potatoes. I just throw them over to an I worked area until I can gather them all up.

The carrots held up fantastic! And are still growing strong. I didn’t get a picture of them, I was too busy snacking on them.

The beets and beans I sowed last time… They could go either way. I left most of the beans that we’re putting on new leaf growth, and the beets are small, but it looks like the potatoes took most of the hail hits and helped protect the little beets. I left them in hopeful optimism.

Now the plot looks super empty, I’m thinking of trying to move my one butternut squash that is in a container over there… I just need to round up help to do that.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I got there and got right to work cleaning up the mess. 

Hope everyone’s gardens are surviving mother natures mood swings!


The last few weeks of my life have been a bit of a blur, and I can’t even believe that one of my very worst nightmares happened. So dealing with real life has been priority of updating here. I luckily haven’t let the garden get too away from me, and even more luckily, mother nature finally stepped in to do some watering.

I’ll get to the interesting news before I get to the devastating (to me) news…

My best friend Cal and I have finally opened an Etsy shop that we have talked about doing for years now. We finally did it. We don’t have a ton of items up just yet, but we will. Custom orders are also possible, AND If you are interested in any seeds I may be collecting this year (updates when that time comes), send me a comment here or message there, and I can make a custom listing for them there. Here is the link to our shop- Iceberg Empire

In the devastating news, My life long best friend and keeper of every secret I have ever had died on July 13. So you can understand my lack of posts. My pony meant the entire world (and then some) to me. We had 20 glorious years together, and I cant really type much more about her without losing it and starting to cry again, so I’m going to cut this short.

Thank you guys for reading and commenting and visiting my tiny corner of the internet. I’ll be back up and running soon, I just need a little more wallowing time. Please check out the Etsy store too, We would both really appreciate it.